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We know the key to a successful campaign

Higher ROI- We optimise your media spends towards the highest performing channels and constantly review this to ensure you receive the best ROI possible.
We tune our strategies based on the performance of each campaigns we run. This means that you are in constant benefit from the learnings of our success.
We constantly incorporate new media plans and solutions to our offering providing you access to the latest technology.
Our unique approach to programmatic media buying helps you identify, convert and reach to your customer.
Our Programmatic approach allows you to focus your budget on best.

We take special care of your ROI and eCPM. We work on different buying models:
» Dynamic CPM
» Retargeting
» Behavioral
» Mobile Advertising
Segmentation we are able to provide with our technology:
» Geo-targeting (City, State, Country)
» Language
» Specific channels grouped by topic (over 30 channels available)
» Specific sites
» Time & date
» Type of browser & operating system
» Age & gender

Our Mission:

To connect premium content publishers with the most diverse and constantly evolving portfolio of demand sources in order to maximize the value of every impression for both publishers and advertisers.

Core values:

» We're committed to providing real value for our clients
» We're committed to building long-lasting relationships
» We strive to learn and constantly improve our products, our service and ourselves
» We are a people business: We develop technology to support our people and our partners
» Honesty, respect & professionalism are the basis for everything we do