Native ad

Increase user interest.
Native Ad Unit is a sponsored article which triggers extraordinary conversion rates and a high user engagement. Ads will be displayed to the user as sponsored content for them depending on their interests and previous searches. For more information get in contact with our specialized team.

What Does Native Advertising Look Like?

In-Feed Units

Paid Search Units

Recommendation Modules & Widgets

Promoted Listings

The Reasons You Should Take Advantage of Native Advertising

Businesses of all sizes can and should leverage native advertising to their benefit.
Here's a look at why native advertising is here to stay and why you should start using it now, if you're not already.

»  Native ads are viewed 35% more often than banner ads, and about 65% of internet users prefer learning about products through content rather than a hard sell.
By making itself a natural extension of their experience in feed, whether it's on social media, a particular page on a website, or in an app, a native ad makes itself less obtrusive.
»  It is possible to buy and sell native ads programmatically and with real time bidding, boosting brand efficiency and efficacy.
»  Choose the right content information. Your content should provide your audience with information they care about. Are you answering their questions? Why should your ad attract their attention?
»  Native advertising is useful because the scalability and quality allows marketers to fill the gap between banner advertisements and brand publishing.